Sunday, February 14, 2010

Terror in Pune and Terror by Shiv Sena

One of the channels made a very pertinent observation about the blast in Pune. It appears there was heavy deployment of police near the Jewish Chabad House and Osho ashram till two days ago, but it had to be withdrawn from the vicinity because of the law and order problem let loose by the Shiv Sena on the My Name is Khan business. The police maintained its beefed up security in the Ashram and the Chabad House but withdrew from the vicinity in order to contain the “spontaneous” violence that the Shiv Sainks were indulging in elsewhere in the city. This left the German Bakery a soft target.

What, in effect, has happened is, the administration was forced to ignore terror attack from external forces despite intelligence reports, in order to deal with the internal terror attack from the Shiv Sena. Niether, unfortunately, could be ignored.

Tragic, isn’t it? Why are the Shiv Sainiks allowed to let loose anarchy in the country over inconsequential issues? Sad to think that in a democratic dispensation it took so much of arm twisting from the public, right thinking activists, celebrities and the Center to persuade the state government to deal firmly with the Shiv Sena threat. It’s a shame on our democracy that these leaders who create communal tensions and law and order problems on ridiculous issues are treated like demi gods. Sky is not going to fall if these self-seeking leaders who go about in the garb of custodians of the country’s welfare but who actually initiate divisive politics are put behind bars and dealt with appropriately. No one is above law. But the powers that be grovel before them in abject fear, which is disgusting.

The violence and disruption of law and order orchestrated by the Shiv Sen can be held partly responsible for the security lapse in Pune. The law abiding citizens of India should join hands and act against the menace of those poitical parties which disrupt normal life by making issues of non issues, and drain the seciruty resources of the country, and distract the country from its war on terror.

The threat the country faces from the fringe elements like the Shiv Sena and its splinter group can be dealt with only by the people of India becoming proactive.There is no political will to do it.


  1. I don't understand who gave these guys the rights to do such moral policing. I believe there may also be an element of understanding between the SRK/KJ and Shiv Sena to help promote this film to such ginormous levels with such cheap publicity. Not to forget the biased (towards the Thakerays of course) opinion given by our social commentator "Maa De" on this issue.

  2. Time is not far when the citizens of India get tired by these fringe groups and take the matter into their own hands. Like what happened to the Kannada b*****d Muthalik. Although the news of Muthalik made my day, it would become a nightmare if people start react the same way to every desi terror joints propping up here and there.

    The savage public reaction after 26/11 forced the Govt to wake up from sluggishness and be proactive. Same way the Shivsena and all these rowdy groups are testing the patience and perseverance of common man. If the authorities tend to ignore such itches it will sooner or later become a throbbing migraine.

    If Pune is the result of what you've said here (I still hope its a rumour) then it is the SS that has to be held responsible. Afterall human life has the same value everywhere, but the Sena fools may not know it.

  3. What a tragedy it is when we have to decide between the greater of two evils. If only there could have been proper security for both cases instead of leaving a gap open for the attack.

    Being proactive is so very important.

  4. @ arjun
    stretching the theory too far?
    btw, cannot post comments on your picture blog. no box for word verification.

    @ scorpiogenius
    pune is not the result of SS misdeeds - only, it contributed, made it easy for the terror outfits to find soft target.
    people taking law into their hands is not the right thing in a democracy-but when the govt. looks the other, this tends to happen.

    @ anjuli
    being proactive is important, yes. but it should be done staying on the right side of the law.

  5. I hope sense prevails...sena, good trouble makers...its up to us to maintain sanity

  6. I have heard such a ridiculous comment from a "pro" sainik person that the govt withdrew all the forces just for karan and Srk.Whatever comes its Govt respo to act accordingly.Can we believe that our police force cant go multi tasking ?
    And the karan-sainik allaince,its simply overwhelming to think that any actor-director-producer will come with a publicity stunt affecting the initial collection.If you can watch more close,its evident that uddav and sainiks are trying hardly after the general elections to be on with something sentimental.Just the Marathi Votes.Just to score over raj and his MNS.The general analysis that the extremism helped Raj Make all to go..(can see the silence from MNS)
    and yes,there are lots on this issue.
    Thanks for coming up with this.I always loved your writings.

  7. great...i agree with every line...shivsena sucks.. please see my blog its against shivsena...

  8. its better organisation outside maharastra state stop empoying maharastrians.

  9. It is not a fair comment.
    Please read the Mid Day of today and you will be clearer .

  10. Good post. Internal terror will always help the external agencies to carry out their attacks. Actually both can't survive without each other.

  11. @ nalini hebbar
    sanity prevail? no way. only a firm stand from the govt. can drill sanity into their heads.divisive politics and violence are their tools.

    @ symphony
    yes, rather unsettling to think that our police cannot multi task. often, it's violence within the protective cover of democratic rights to protest that puts the police in a fix.
    thanks for your encouraging words.

    @ priyank
    shall check. thanks for visiting here.

    @ anonymous
    madness is not the solution for insanity.

    @ b k chowla
    do not have access to midday. have a link?

    @ Charakan
    you couldn't be more right.

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