Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Michael Jackson Conquers Silence

How does one explain the feelings listening to and watching Michael Jackson’s Gone Too Soon , after he is truly gone?

Guess, like me, the world is watching the video over and over again.

And I made a discovery. He makes silence speak and sing as powerfully as sound.

Like the sunset
Dying with the rising of the moon

Then the pause, the long pause during which MJ seems to physically usher in Silence, slowly and gently with his delicate hand - - - A Silence that is trying, as it were, to reach out towards eternity - - Silence charged with choking pain - - -

And then, he concludes with the final

Gone Too soon.

He bows slowly, elegantly, resignedly with infinite sadness unable to conceal itself behind the pale smile, and acknowledges the thunderous applause.


Now those clichés “Silence Speaks” or the ‘Sound of Silence” cease to be clichés for me.

Michael Jackson now speaks louder than before, more passionately than ever through his silence!


  1. A lovely tribute.... a true MJ fan! Cheers to him! And I love the song too.. the feel is awesome.

  2. Though never a true blue fan of MJ, one song that I absolutley love is "Will you be there" from the movie "Free WillY"
    Another unforgettable one is "We are the World". Words cannot describe the feeling when we listen to that song.

  3. Gone too Soon is indeed a beautiful song of the long list of superbs. He is an icon who will live forever.

    I grew up listening to his songs and watching his dance. The King of Pop, truly.

  4. Sad that I never listened to MJ. His 'gay' looks always put me off. After reading you, I shall now listen to him; but not watch him, though.

  5. Let us get serious. Did you read that the police have concluded that his doctor killed him with drug overdose?


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