Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bloggers from the Third World - For your Information

The excerpt given below is from LIVE, a pull-out of CHICAGO TRIBUNE OF June 3, 2009. The article titled I'M CREEPED OUT . . . GET ME OUT OF HERE by STEVE DAHl is about Patti Blogojevich, wife of Rod Blogojevich, former Governor of Illinois, snacking on a tarantula during the show "I'm a celebrity---get me out of here"
Dahl writes:
As I was watching Patti Blogojevich eat a tarantula on Monday night's premier of " I'm a celebrity...get me out of here!". I was wondering what the rest of the country - and the world, for that matter - thinks of us here in Illinois. I mean, she was the first lady of Illinois for more than five years, and now she is chowing down on an arachnid to allegedly support her family. At best, it gave Illinois a Hollywood feel; at worst, it made us look THRID WORLDISH!!!!!!???? (punctuation and emphasis mine).
And then he goes on:
The producers of "Celebrity " are quite emphatic about proclaiming that all of this JUNGLE STUPIDITY (emphasis mine) is going on in the name of charity etc etc etc
Regular readers of the paper say that such remarks are frequent, and cause no eyebrows to be raised, even among Indians.
So, the Third World comprising snake charmers and mahouts, drug peddlers and hungry mouths has a new attribute too. Tarantula eaters!
I remember, in the high school (in Pondicherry), we had a lesson titled " The Treemen of Travancore", written by a European tourist. These tree men ate tadpoles, and my classmates asked me if 'd ever lived in a tree house and eaten tadpoles. How exciting, they thought! Some, however, asked me if all that was real or the figment of some tourist's imagination.
Coming back to the CT paper. Am I over reacting, making a blog out of this?


  1. Ah!! These westerners!!
    They are never quite ready to give up on their prehistoric notions of the so called "thrid world" are they??

  2. 'Third world' doesnt necessarily be insulting. Going back in history, it just means 'Non-aligned and neutral countries.'

  3. LOL it's funny actually, the ignorant are the same everywhere ;)
    In India some believe all western girls are loose and pregnant at thirteen (exaggeration)- now we know they are no less than us when it comes to being ignorant ;)

  4. yes kpj it is true - indians and chinese ( born and raised here) dominate science and maths classes in North america. the president did not say without a reason

  5. Ditto to @Indian HomeMaker.... The ignorant are the same everywhere. LOL!!


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