Sunday, March 08, 2009

Every Woman Has Her Day?

We have come a long way.
The road ahead is longer
And the ordeals tougher, we are told.

Next is flogging in the maidan
Or is it stoning unto death?
That depends, we are told
On whatever it is that suits Him.

Still ahead it’s begging
By the dusty streets
Of busy towns.
But our manicured hands would betray us.
Though the purdah would shield our wounded pride.

Tougher ones will follow, we are told.
Their numbers ever increasing
Like the hydra headed monster
Two replacing every decapitated one.

Will the ordeals ever end?
Will our destination
Remain ever elusive?

And our protests?
Will they remain ever drowned
In the silence of despair and fear?


  1. We have come a long way.
    We are getting only stronger
    And every ordeal that comes our way,
    only makes us bolder.

    Next is protests in the maidan!
    Haven’t we learnt from the Taliban?
    We will not let that story be retold!
    True there is fear and despair
    Perhaps the odds are rather unfair
    But let us not lose hope and courage.
    No matter how hard they disapprovingly frown,
    We’ll gallivant all over the town,
    In saris, in burkhas,
    And in noodle straps too.
    We can’t give up like this.
    When we have just begun.
    Remember all the opportunities our grandmothers missed?
    We’ll fight it every way
    Because we know, no way
    Are we going to surrender our brilliant brains ;)
    To be ruled by some semi literate chains?

    Cheers -IHM

  2. Good poems from both of you. The path will be tough but future bright for women

  3. Happy Women's Day!

    Well written!

  4. curious to know-what made you turn to poetry to give vent to your thoughts on women's day? read has a marching rhythm..or,am i imagining it? try writing poetry more often. u r good.

  5. @indian homemaker
    yes. guess we need to be optimistic like u
    @chakaran, solilo
    @ chinny
    in poems silence speaks louder than in prose -


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