Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel invites Jehovah'a Wrath - Again

The Jewish scriptures too insists only on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But Israel has gone way beyond the eye and the tooth. With them it’s genocide for rockets.

Doesn’t Israel understand that an eye for an eye was a law meant to limit violence in a culture which practiced “a tribe for an eye”?

Anyway, who is Israel to punish? The chosen people? If so, what were they chosen for?
The answer: To follow and propagate the Ten Commandments which, essentially, is a comprehensive and pithy testament of human rights.

Today, Israel is violating every one of those commandments. Violation of the Sixth commandment amounts to a violation of all others.

And Israel feels morally justified doing so.


The fundamental laws – every one of them - of human/international relations in a civilized society are being violated by Israel. Equally offensive is its cavalier attitude to the sufferings of victims, the Palestinians.

Survival of the fittest, it says, justifying this attitude. But that’s jungle law. Not law of a civilized world. The highest mark of civilization is its commitment to the survival-of-the-weakest creed. That’s what all religions are about.

Let Israel not claim the partnership of Jehovah in its genocidal project. No Jehovah will sanction murder of the helpless and the weak.

Israel is guilty of breach of trust too.

It ‘conceded’ to free elections in Palestine, with a promise to negotiate with the elected government. The people of Palestine elected Hamas. Gave them a thumping victory.

And, Israel went back on its word.

Refused to deal with a ‘terrorist’ group.

With the Big brother on its side, it started the divide and destroy process – started aiding the rival Fatah group. Palestinians became a divided people. But, Israel’s deadly enemy Hamas remained in control in Gaza.

A make shift truce was agreed upon between Hamas and Israel.

Then, Palestiniam rocket attacks began.

Sure that’s not right. But one should ask why Palestine started this assault.

Israel it did everything in its power to make existence impossible in the densely populated Hamas controlled Gaza, blockading food, medicines and the other necessities of life. People starved. Children died. Hospitals could not function for lack of medicines.

Israel did something else too. Went into Gaza and killed 9 Hamas militants.

Why is the world so outraged when a wounded people struggling to keep themselves alive, send rockets to draw attention to their terrible predicament?

Has the world forgotten how it had looked the other way when Hitler went berserk, and had to salve its conscience by creating the State of Israel, thereby letting loose an era of horror on the world in the form of terrorism? The friends of Israel owe it to the international community to find an amicable solution to the Palestinian problem before Hamas officially internationalises its militant activities.

And a reminder to Isreal.

“May they administer true justice and show mercy and compassion to one another. May they not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the alien or the poor. In their hearts, may they not think evil of each other” (Zech 7. 9-10). Thus says the holy book that all of Israel read after a day of pounding the Palestinian territory, and killing and destroying, and creating orphans and widows, and leaving babies clinging to mothers lying dead!.

May they not oppress the widows or the fatherless, the alien or the poor. Listen, Israel. That’s what the Lord thy God says.

Have you, Israel, forgotten your diasporic existence of twenty plus centuries? Have you forgotten what it feels like to be homeless, like the Palestinians feel now?

Have you forgotten the holocaust of the forties? Aren’t you indulging in the same crime against humanity in a different mode?

Do not forget the lessons of history. You will face Jehovah’s wrath again.

For just indeed are His ways.


  1. Today, evil is perpetrated in the name of God. :-(

  2. Religious precepts, like moral precepts apply only to the meek and the innocent. They do not apply to those who control peoples, nations or religions.

    Good to believe, that 'just' are 'His' ways. History (which can be interpreted whichever way you want to) does not seem to support your case. To me at least, it throws up images of a God who's an apathetic, non-interfering, passive onlooker.

    Carl Sagan, in his forward to 'A Brief History of Time' stated 'This book is about God. Or perhaps the absence of it.'

    Substitute 'Book' with 'Life' and we have a pretty neat, natty philosophy for personal life,

  3. @ paul m
    'philosophy for personal life'-
    no common formula for this. each arrives at it in her/his own way - it is shaped by experience of life, experiential understanding of the God concept.

  4. I have been an ardent supporter of Israel...but probably this was an incident which shook me...Its hard to believe that the numbers and the fact that so many innocent civilians are getting killed as well...

  5. The Gaza massacre may be viewed in future as Israel's biggest blunder.It is rapidly loosing all its admirers and friends.It would be very difficult for Israel in future to hide behind the fading Super Power USA.

  6. There was an earlier report that Hindus and the Jews are to march together on Capitol Hill on Inauguration day, demanding strong measures by Obama against Islam.

    The Jewish American media were making it out as the coming together of the most ancient religions of humans against brutal Islam.

    All said and done, India's Moslems are converts from Hinduism [or whatever we had then] and can always be amalgamated into the general society at any time but for the Wahabi manipulations. It is illogical for Hindus to be as much antagonistic to Islam as the Jews are. Moreover, how can any Indian or Hindu take to an 'eye for an eye' philosophy? The NRI Hindus that get foolishly emotional and join motivated propaganda initiatives by a rogue Israel, bring discredit to Hinduism.

  7. @ stoic
    israel-a rogue state. wanted to use that phrase somewhere in my post but refrained - - . glad u did it.
    the predicament of man is tragic - and scary too. - a world broken up into fragments by narrow religious walls.

  8. got this link in an internet forum..must be of interest for you..

  9. mathew,thanks.
    actually much can be said on both sides.
    i thought the piece was a little one sided.and a vast oversimplification.
    nevertheless, informative

  10. yeah...its defintely one sided..
    Thanks to silverine, i got this link...different view altogether..

  11. Oh jews who never listened.You crucified the messaiah and you went through holocaust. Now what are you upto?

    "Behold he comes riding on the clouds, shining like the sun and the trumpets call."

    There is a judgement.


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