Friday, October 17, 2008

What are you doing, my son?

‘What are you doing, my son?’
‘Counting crowns.’
‘Crowns? What crowns?’
‘King’s crowns.’
‘Where are the crowns?’
‘Can’t you see?
The rain is making them’.
She looked where he pointed
At the water rising where each drop fell
And saw the crowns
King’s crowns
Thousands of them

I wrote this piece to be published anonymously in the college magazine, in a page dedicated to versification on rain. Most of my students guessed it was my piece ‘cos I used to relate this little episode where my 4 year old son opened my eyes to the crowns that rain drops made - to prove the point that all of us are born poets but our creativity falls by the way side in our struggle with this business called life.

I wonder if my son still sees the crowns


  1. I strongly believe that little children have the best sense of imagination. The reasons are the expansion of what you summarised in that last sentence. Little kids have no inhibition, fear, shyness or any other quality which stops them from expressing their thoughts.

    Beautiful Post.

  2. the next time it rains i will look for those crowns

  3. beautiful poem.. in all its simplicity..

  4. yes..thy make crowns..beautiful crowns.. though with a moments'life..wenevr possible i concentrate on the rain falling over li'l stones and plane surface..but bliv me.its a hard job to find persistence of vision will com for the help..

  5. A child imagination is never locked/inspired/copied.
    I appreciate.
    Welcome to Mumbai...


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