Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hillary Clinton is out - How sad!

i feel sad
infinitely sad
granted I know precious little about US politics.
but I know a lot of women here wished to see a woman in the most powerful seat.

guess on our part there’s a deficiency of understanding of the debated issues.
and so our take is this:
she lost out
‘cos she is a woman
and women still live under glass ceiling in the US.
She lost out
‘cos she is a fighter
one hell of a fighter
and might prove to be the ‘only man in the cabinet’
as Smt. Indira Gandhi once did.

and so the muscle flexers of the party
opted for an unknown person
on the strength of a book
and charm of his silver tongue

and the popular appeal of reverse racism
was on their side
in their fight against having a woman call the shots.

of course these are just
the jottings of a woman
with just a superficial knowledge of Am politics.

but there are many such ill informed women like me here
who feel sad.
infinitely sad


  1. Her being a woman should not be the only reason we should support her for the cause. If you compare her with Michelle Obama you would have prefered her than Hillary. Hillary assumed that she would get the post since people were loyal to her husband , also when she started losing or realized she started playing dirty politics like crying in front of media.. ofcourse to gain sympathy vote.. is that a woman stands .. If you can get something start crying and you will get it then. Also, she played dirty politics raised issues like race ..
    There is no comparision between her and Indira Gandhi..

  2. Obama has favoured by his black origin and comparitively frank in opinion. This is only a fight for Democrat candidate election is far away. You dont know who is Republican candidate from bush side. Then comes election. Unfortunately there is no women reservation in America. America believes in freedom and equality no reservation policy, if you are good you have the opportunity if you are inefficient pink slip immediately

    Hillary Clinton is no administrative wonder, her only quality was that she remained silent when her husband was screwing his staff now also he is doing that. That doesnt mean she is a good administrator

    I prefer Condolezza Rice to Hillary as she can grill all our Indian leaders sitting in US.

  3. I am a woman but I am glad she lost because she was against Outsourcing! As an Indian I will support someone who doesn't threaten my job!

  4. hilary clinton is a seasoned politician,gender irrespective..she thought she knew how to work the system ,playing the race card,throwing her experience talk and talking abt ducking under sniper fire...when the media gave her a hard time,she whined about it and about how her opponent didnt get as much brickbats as she did.but a year back when the media deemed her inevitable she had nothing to say agianst them! so my point is she is as good/better than most men.gender is irrelevant.
    what took her down was that she did not jump onto the internet revolution,the way obama did.He got youngsters interested in politics and they expressed thgeir opinions .Hail facebook /myspace and the internet! she forgot the power of people( she ignored caucuses) and hobnobbed with lobbyyists.obama worked the people and they opened up their wallets(most of his donations are under $200) Her message through out the campaign was never the same.we saw different hilary's ..the whiny, the sad, the aggressive, the resilient..we got confused!the young senator from IL called Obama represents what America is /should be the child of a Kenyan father and an American mother...the land of immigrants.If he can make it ,so can everyone else. And his message was the same..that of change and of hope!there were no mixed signals here...
    So, as much as all of us would like to attribute her failure to the fact that she is a woman, that is not the case! Its a series of gross miscalucalations and overconfidence, also a man's trait!

  5. As an enthusiastic Obama supporter, I had to respond! Hillary lost because of her arrogant approach to the whole race. She thought she was entitled to the nomination and the entire process would just be a coronation. The press labeled her the 'inevitable one' and she happily accepted it. She did not realize she had her work cut out for her until late in the primaries, when it was pretty much over. It's sad that now she and her supporters have decided to blame everyone and everything (including sexism) except the candidate herself. I can't begin to count the number of times she or her husband or her campaign have used tactics with divisive racial undertones. I look forward to the day I can vote for a woman president, but not her!

  6. @ all
    Hillary Clinton seem to generate quite a bit of heat - hence not one to be ignored.
    a lot of sense in what u guys had to say - but i still feel her crimes r not so heinous that that we should all be jumping with joy that she lost.just a thought - had Hillary been a man, would some of the things u had to say about her find a place in your comments?
    POlitics is a man's world-a woman has to be extra smart to leave an impression there.and when she gets extra smart, she is found doubly guilty.when a male politician uses the racist card, he is rightwing/conservative or whatever. but a woman who does the same thing is accused of playing a dirty divisive game.
    come on, u guys got to admit that there is a discriminatory rhetoric reserved for women in poiltics.
    about her behaving as one entitled to the nomination, u must agree that she fought tooth and nail till the last-tried every trick in the book -was never ever complacent
    Finally, i too hope that Obama's rhetoric translates into action and he turns things around for the US and the country's image after he reaches the White House.
    But the question is, didnt hillary stand a better chance of reaching the White house.

  7. i think her crimes are extremely heinous given the racial history of this country - the repercussions are still being felt today. that being said, i don't believe she herself is a racist, but used the race card as a divisive tactic for political gain. and i don't think i would react differently if she were a man. the reason there was a greater uproar is because she is a liberal/Democrat. how can I criticize republicans for their racially divisive tactics but be silent when a democrat does the same? wouldn't that make me a hypocrite?
    as for being entitled to the nomination, so many times her people have been quoted saying something along the lines of "how dare obama run now? he should wait his turn" and practically all of 2007 she was talking (& voting) as if she had already won the primary and was in general election mode.
    yes, some of her critics were over the top, but i think that had more to do with her being a Clinton than being a woman. Nancy Pelosi, the first woman speaker of the house (2nd in line to the presidency)and one of the most powerful politicians around, doesn't get half the flack HRC does. but then again, she doesnt brag about her husband's accomplishments and claim them as her own either!

  8. @Catherine
    all's fair in love, war and elections:-)
    jokes aside,well argued - think i see your point - somewhat:-)

  9. hillary's biggest disadvantage was that she marketed herself as a clinton. She is very competent,but just like the normal crop of politicians has been involved in divisive politics, corruption and the like. The Bill-Hilary package does not appeal to whole lot of people. Agreed,women have it harder in almost all walks of life....but in her case,she had it easier due to Bill,his history,connections,influences and what not.They also quite often talk about the "Clinton legacy "being carried forward.This sort of semi-monarchical talk has driven away a lot of independent thinking democrats..
    Obama's rise to fame is just maginificent! He is An entirely self made man....his credentials and career are truly noteworthy!
    So for Hilary,it is just wrongplace wrong time!

  10. @ renu
    discerning comments.
    guess it was the clinton card that was her undoing.
    Bill clinton's as a presidential candidate carried the label of a selfmade man. Unfortunately his smart wife was saddled with a back to do piggy ride on.

  11. I was confused whom to support. Cause both meant something unequalish becoming equalish (and thats how you invent words and Grammar!)
    In the end I went with anti racism, so didnt mind when the pretty lady lost the seat.
    But then I dont know anything about US politics beyond these 2 names!

  12. Me too strongly felt what you wrote...
    Thought rending...Maybe she shall try once again..I hope to see that day!!!
    Btw I loved her hubby too despite all his flaws!!!


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