Wednesday, April 16, 2008

End this rowdyism, please!

Kerala cannot take a single step in the direction of progress until this Goonda Raj is overthrown. It appears to be the order of the day for party workers or party youth wing to take law into their hands. They disrupt entrance exams for which thousands of students prepare for more than two years, for the conduct of which huge amounts are spent. They get university exams postponed if they want to attend some party convention, putting into immense trouble thousands of students, and the universities which are grappling with the massive problem of conducting exams on time. Destruction of public property appears to be their birth right. What happened in MACFAST recently is but one of the many many incidents of free indulgence in violence and public/private property destruction. And a few days back, a team of party workers barge into Forest Inspection Bunglow and forcefully release nine accused of smuggling an endangered tree species (NIE April 5).

A party which either cannot control its workers or has let them lose to lynch, or destroy public property, has no right to rule. What kind of governance can be expected from a political party which has a trouble shooting department to cast protective cover over their supporters who indulge in the worst type of violent and unlawful activities?

The only solution is to ban the party altogether.

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  1. I always felt that VS is a very rare true human in the CPM cadre. Recently i heard him supporting the 'destruction of public property'.

    VS, We've a lot of respect to you. Please don't spoil it..



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