Friday, February 08, 2008

Dangerous game again

The rath yatra has begun and issues best left to oblivion are being raked up again. A couple of decades ago it was Ram janmabhoomi. The profit was reaped by the BJP and the loss, by the country. it divided the nation.

Now the issue is terrorism. And the UPA appears to have no intention of ignoring the issue which they ideally should. Instead what they do is this.

(this is from The Hindu e paper)
What is your record in curbing terror, Congress asks Advani

First set your house in order: Singhvi

Afzal Guru was arrested and let off under NDA rule two months before Parliament attack

Why did NDA government capitulate to hijackers?

and then

“What is their record when Mr. Advani was Home Minister and later Deputy Prime Minister? The nation wants to know what transpired between the Deputy Prime Minister and the then Foreign Minister [Jaswant Singh], on one side, and the Taliban diplomats, the Afghanistan officials and the hijackers of IC 814, on the other, between December 24 and December 31, 1999,” asked Congress spokesman Abhishek Singhvi.

well. the nation wants to know nothing of the sort. we just want to be left alone to lead a peaceful life.

a plea to genetic engineers- is there some way of cloning that extinct species called honest politician/statesman?

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  1. madam,
    I believe "honest people breed honest politicians". Dont u think that the politicians form nothing but a cross section the society that we live in? request to the genetic engineers would be to clone an entire society (ofcourse with true virtues )


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