Monday, January 21, 2008

The fickle blogger: Blogger response to India -Australia test series

I came across a lot of blogs after the Sydney test hinting that kumble&Indian team were being spoilsports – and doing the sour grapes act. The most critical of these bloggers were Indians. Were they trying to project an image of being objective sports lovers, ashamed of a crybaby nation? and in answer to one blog, I was provoked into defending our team thus :

Guess it must be pretty hard to be out there in the middle and see that every wrong decision was going against you-particularly when you have, for a change :--)), put your best into the game.

it almost looked as tho' the aussies had made some arrangement with the umpires to ensure that they equalled the 16 consecutive win record.

cant blame kumble. it can be quite frustrating to think that all your best efforts come to no avail on account of biased or wrong decisions of incompetent decision makers. i think kumble conducted himself with extreme dignity.

It is not unsporting to demand a level playing field.

Now, suddenly, after the perthe win, the bloggers have taken a U turn. The men in blue have become the geatest, the gentlemen of the game, the giant killers and whatnot.

how rightly is it witten ‘nothing succeeds like success.’

incidentally, looks like aussies cant win if they refrain from sledging ‘cos it is part of their winning strategy - & they are quite colourless without their characteristic insults and obscenities. let’s hope they go back to their evil ways.

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