Thursday, August 30, 2007

What ails thee, Malayalam Cinema?

Malayalam cinema was always substantial.It either had a strong story line or thematised sensibly and realistically on social issues. Or liike Srinivasan's films, faced the quirks of human peronality squarely and presented them with a strong comic/tragic flavour - something only a genius can do succesfully.
The appeal of malayalam cinema was the boldness with which it faced and tackled reality. For instance,when unemployment was a major problem in Kerala, it found its way repeatedly in the movies of the eighties. Corruption at all levels figured repeatedly on and off till the issue reached a saturation point.
Today, the film makers seem unable to identify the issues that trouble the kerala society - therin lies the failure of our cinema. And so they beat about the bush, coming up with inane stuff.
Art is more than commerce and box office. It is serious business. It should provide aesthetic experience which comes only from a genuine and honest effort at interpreting life.


  1. It's sad to see malayalam cinema go the bollywood way.malayalamwas always known to produce meaningful cinema which did well at the box office too- but now i guess it is the box office that takes precedence over artistic excellence

  2. How about contributing to the Keralite Lady magazine?

  3. absolutely agree... mallu cinema can never reach the "golden 90s" class again! :(


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