Monday, January 08, 2007

Kerala's obsession with Mohanlal and Mammootty

Am in Kerala at the moment. The place is full of huge posters of Mohanlal and Mamootty. True, Mohanlal is the finest actor in the country at the moment. and Mamootty, really really talented. But why are we holding on to them? Isn't it time we let go? And the other he- man Suresh Gopi also appears to be making a comeback.

And where are all those talented female power actors? Why isn't the enlightened Kerala with its proud track record of empowering women providing a space for them in cinema?

The answer could be one of these.

Either the film makers have no feel of the mood of the audience


they have their fingers on the pulse on the audience, and know that the Keralites are incurable traditionalists who foolishly believe that the new order can be eternally postponed if the old is propped up by clumsy scaffolding.

What do you think?


  1. Well, Let us look this in another way . If you go to Chennai or Hyderabad yu can see Meera Jasmine , Nayanthara , Navya Nair etc adorning the streets . So poor filmmakers has to pop up the old is clumsy scaffolding. But they are not as bad :)as if you have to pop them up once in a while

  2. real talent never need help.let it come
    lal&mammootty r talented thats y they rule..

  3. they used to when Urvasi was there, a lil bit for geetha and shobana too. manju warrier yes. then do yu know of any powerful hollywood actress :))

  4. MOM!!I like the final punch line... just curious, were you talking only about filmmakers??

  5. like the old indiainfoline tagline goes 'its all about the money, honey'..... they still remain safe bets and movie making is a big money game.... but it isnt all bad though, you've guys like blessy who make script driven movies with these talented actors..

  6. mohan lal is the most versatile actor i have ever seen.he should b included in a special category. nobody shud ever dare to compare him with other actors.


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