Wednesday, November 01, 2006


On the fiftieth anniversary of Kerala, the Malayalee will wake up to find the state held to ransom for the second day by heavy vehicle owners. This state will probably starve if the strike is not called off within a week. So productive is God’s own country!!!!!

But no. I want to think positive - at least on this 50th year of the day Kerala acquired an identity.

For a change, I want to talk about what is right with Kerala.

To keep the blog sufficiently long, I shall include some pleasant experiences of being in Kerala.

The day after the 9/11 twin tower disaster, I took an auto early in the morning to the railway station. The middle - aged auto driver talked all the way to the station about US foreign policy, WTC, Osama, and his take on this issue. He spoke so much sense that I felt he should be doing something other than driving an auto. Perhaps he too realized this, which explained his behaviour at other times! Is this a matter to celebrate? Why not? That is the level of awareness of the average Malayalee.

One can sit in a restaurant, travel in a train, and wait in the bus station without being a victim of passive smoking. In the other Sates , often times, eating out or waiting in public places become a torture with the smell of cigarette smoke intruding into your breathing space. On these occasions, I wish I were back home.

When I fall sick, I always wish to be back in Kerala. There is no place like Kerala for medical care. The easy availability of competent doctors, efficiently run and affordable hospitals and clinics in every nook and corner of the state – it is something we can truly be proud of and be grateful for.

Move out of the towns and cities in Kerala, and the landscape is breathtaking. Truly designed by the Almighty, and executed under His personal supervision!!!!!

And to top it all , we have a Chief Minister who is occasionally a super duper entertainer, three ministers at the Centre, Sreesant in the cricket team, and Smart City and speed governors threatening to be born.

My muse fails me. Can you add to this, dear reader?


  1. Thanks for reminding this great day!
    Visit mallu films for more interesting stuff later.

  2. Its been two days since the buses are on strike in Kerala. The colleges are not working & its chaos on the road. Supreme Court wants the speed governors to be fixed in buses & the bus owners don't want it - thats the reason for the strike. Today is the 3rd day and vans, mini lorries have joined them. Tomorrow auto rikshaws will show their solidarity & join them.. Oh well. for a college lecturer like me its time to catch up on my light reading, prepare notes, correct term papers.....Kerala is not always rosy but still I would'nt want to live anywhere else...........

  3. Good one ~ the depth of conversations in our chayakkadas is mind blowing and thats the best thing about the state

    then as you said...its a paradise :)

    could have been a lil longer you know

  4. good one ammai! but the bus strikes are really a stinker on keralapiravi... and to add to that the autos have also had their strike share today... so much for the suvarnakeralam tag making the rounds... bah!

  5. @chands
    if a person with your enviable tolerance level is moved to a 'bah,, i think kerala is in for a big surprise

  6. @bvn
    i confessed that my muse failed me - remember, i had made up my mind to write about what is right with kerala.

    not an easy undertaking!

  7. nature has also blessed kerala..

  8. We have a lot to thank for. Yes, Kerala could be a utopia for us if we work hard enough.

  9. Its a little late to contribute to 50th year celebrations. Mmm lets see whats nice. Oh yeah economical movie watching. Our theatres charge 35 when most outer-State theatres charge 5 times the amount.
    Mmm ahhh errrr... cant think of anything else right now. My muse has also failed me by now! Hehe.

    Your fonts keep changing; intentional?


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