Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Deliver us from Bacchans, KANK and the media

What is God's name is happening to the electronic media? when the world is burning, chanel after chanel goes on and on and on about KANK. is that movie of some national importance? dont the channels realise that less than o% of the viewers care a ----- about it? granted , there might be some academic interest in how a movie targetting the global indian fares- but day after day, channel after channel--- it's really really too much, too much!!!! true, these are days of channel wars - but does that mean they should throw all sense of propriety to the winds?

And this obsessions with the Bacchans! Really, it's time someone told them to stay at home for sometime. it's a real assault on the eyes! movies, file shots, commercials, hoardings-please. we need a change.

But what surprises me is how a pedestrian stereotyed actor like the papa Bacchan can earn such superlative praises- guess that's the power of the media - it even managed to pull wool over the eyes of Sanjay Bhansali into casting him in that major role in BLack. If not for Bacchan's pathetic performance, am sure the movie would have gone places. Just imagine what it would be if Nasrudin Shah or some one of his ilk played that role!

Wish to God channels(IBM, NDTV, HEADLINES TODAY) would behave in a more level headed manner


  1. True, Bachchan and the Bachchans ARE overhyped... but movies like BLACK is Bachchan class, don't u think? How any other actor could have done it is of course an issue of contention :)

  2. chands
    didnt know u were a hard core bacchan fan.
    i stand by what i said- i think big be ruined Black

  3. Hi

    i have taken the liberty of copying and pasting this insightful piece on the ruination caused by the Bachchan clan to the sensibility of Indian moviegoer on:

    If you have any objection to what i have done, please inform (pls post a comment) so that i may delete it. i know that i should have first asked your permission to do so, but could not resist the urge to update the blog.

    If it has offended you, i will withdraw it from the blog.

    You are doing fine!

  4. @ Chandrakanth
    no objection, whatsoever. after all a blog is meant for all to read.
    Thanks for the compliment.
    Went to your site. have bookmarked it.

  5. Hi

    Thanks for visiting.
    Pls post a comment.

    i had bookmarked your blog on my first visit too. i read your post on Communism. Interesting thoughts! i am planning a post on Communism in Kerala.



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