Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Strange feeling

I teach- i belong to the old world- but the new never ceases to fascinate me- dont want to be left behind-so here i go bloggin-
can someone tell me about bloging-i mean in what way you find it exciting? any dangers i should watch out for?
ok-why did i decide to become a blogger? well, i write -a lot- a couple of my articles saw the light of the day-the rest must have landed in the editors' trash bins - but like all aspiring scribes i think i talk sense ----

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

criminally enlightened!

Mr. Tharu, your journey from a caste ignorant human being to an intensely caste conscious (and apologetically so!)Syrian Christian is hardly an edifying narrative. Tragic that the ultimate outcome of academic research is the perpetuation of another discourse in the name of progressive politics.
During your ‘criminally ignorant’ days, didn’t you have friends who were dalits but to whom you attached no such label? How do you serve the cause better by imposing caste meanings retrospectively on your past interactions with them or by being born again with an identity constructed consciously in terms of the counter narrative which has been doing the rounds centres of learning for some time now?
Believe me, the patronizing condescension keeps popping up throughout the piece.
Kochuthresiamma PJ